Friday, September 17, 2010

Yeah, I'm too lazy to post pictures.

So I realized that I'm pretty bad at this blog thing. I'm also really bad posting pictures.... and taking them. I must have been in la-la-land when I started this blog and I thought I'd be all Super Mom and be sensitive and loving and all that jazz. Yeah, I can't fight my personality. Bean will learn sooner or later that I am an absolute asshole with a lot of neurotic tendencies. The baby has won the lottery!

So, we go to have our anatomy scan yesterday. Epic fail. The on post hospital refers us off post because they don't have OB/GYN capabilities. The OB/GYN doesn't have ultrasound equipment soooooo, back on post I go. The tech remained pretty silent throughout the whole ordeal. Not very comforting when you're sitting there wondering if your baby is deformed or is missing a vital organ. PB tried to make conversation and ask questions but the tech was a total twat. She also would not confirm gender. So now we have an appointment in a town an hour and a half away just to confirm that the baby didn't grow a penis in the last 4 weeks. I'm a little upset that we have to pay $155 to confirm but I also really like to look at the baby because hellooooo, I'm growing an alien and that's pretty freakin cool to look at.

I've been a little moody lately. I deleted all of my friends on facebook. Everyone was pissing me off. I'm slowly adding people back on though. And PB irritated me today at lunch. He said Arby's sounds good. I've told him multiple times that I don't like Arby's. He starts in on me asking, "Have you even tried their chicken sandwiches?" to which of course I replied, "No, and I don't want to." And he tries asking me again. I mean WTF! I don't like Arby's! I don't know why I am so against Arby's but just leave me the fuck alone about god damn Arby's!!! FUCK ARBY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It made me cry and we ended up getting Wendy's drive through and eating at home and not speaking to each other.

Seriously though... fuck Arby's.


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