Monday, December 6, 2010

I be tired.

Holy crap. I feel like a loser. A really out of shape loser. Is it possible to feel tired and winded just from standing up for too long? Because apparently, it's possible for me. I walk a lot slower now. Any exertion of energy just seems like too much to even consider. I refused to get out of bed until 10AM this morning. I honestly think I could have just laid there all day. Is it January yet?

It's snowing a bunch today and it looks really pretty outside. Reminds me of Narnia. Ugh, I just got sad because I don't have a real Aslan to cuddle with. How fucking awesome would that be? Anyway, it's really pretty and I should take a picture so I can share the prettiness but... I'm that lazy. We're supposed to go to a Christmas Market in Trier this weekend so I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures then to make up for it.

I'm not in the Christmas spirit. Mostly because we'll more than likely be spending Christmas in our hotel room. I'm thinking of drawing a Christmas tree and taping it to the wall. Festive, no? I don't want to travel too far that late into my pregnancy because with my luck, I'd be a few hours out of town and the baby would decide to make her appearance. I'm really crossing my fingers that that doesn't happen because none of our baby furniture, and this includes the carseat, has even made it off the boat yet. It's just floating out there on the ocean somewhere. So is our car. I wish I could make them magically appear. I bet Aslan could make it happen.

I finally ordered my diaper bag last night. I hope it gets here before the baby. I've started to procrastinate a lot. I just started thinking about my hospital bag. Who knows when I'll actually make an effort to get it ready.

Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag

Pretty snazzy right? I'd like to think that I could still want to dress like that mom in the picture after the baby. We'll see what really happens. At least my diaper bag will be somewhat stylish. I'm sure it'll look great with what I'll actually look like:

This is the diaper bag that Christopher got... like two months ago.

Diaper Dude Black Diaper Bag with Dragon
Funny story. There's this chick that was totally in love with him - supposedly my friend. Anyway, she spent $60 bucks on this diaper bag for him from our registry and $10 bucks on the baby. Hey, I'm not gonna complain about anything anyone buys because that's less shit I have to buy but I just found it hilarious that she spent so much on the one thing on the registry that was for him. We honestly just threw it up there not thinking that anyone would buy it. So yes, daddy has a diaper bag already and mommy just had to buy one. lol. I wish I had a stalker dammit.


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