Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sniff Sniff

I think my body is pissed at me. I came down with a cold and have been miserable since Tuesday. Needless to say, I didn't go to my 3 hr yesterday. Or today. I'll be good enough to go tomorrow though.

Christopher's class got cancelled today and they called off work because of all the crazy snow. We got to spend the entire morning cuddled up and passed out. For some reason if Christopher is laying next to me, I can literally sleep forever. It's horrible. I can't tell you how many days we have wasted sleeping in and taking naps. I used to suffer from insomnia pretty bad and would go a day or two without sleeping and had to take Ambien every now and then. I found out that Ambien makes you hallucinate if you try to stay awake after taking it. It's kinda fun actually. Anyway,  the first night Christopher slept over, I was cured. I don't know what it is about him. I seriously think it has to do with the way he smells or something his body radiates that just meshes well with my body chemistry. Sometimes I take big sniffs of his hair, face, or armpits and it makes me yawn. Honestly, just thinking about it is making me tired. And yes, I sniff his armpits. They smell delicious. 

I remember making out with him in the beginning of our relationship and smiling afterwards. He asked me what I was smiling about and I told him he'd think I was weird but that I loved kissing him because his face smelled good. I would literally try to smell his face while making out with him. I still do it. And now, he sniffs my face too. But he tells me my face smells like pencil shavings. WTF right? But hey, if he's into that, I'll rub my face in pencil shavings all day. 

I'm really crossing my fingers that tomorrow is another snow day for him so he can sit with me and entertain me during my 3 hr. And by entertain, I mean sit there and sleep while I stare at him, sniff his face, and play with his hair. I don't think I'll be that lucky though.

From the stairwell next to our hotel room.

It's actually prettier than this, I'm just too lazy to go out in the snow.

The dogs are buried in snow when they go potty. All you can see is Philly's head. hehe.

I turn around to go back into the hotel room and this is what I see.


mini said...

i miss snow it's so pretty and perfect for staying in bed! how many inches did u get? will it be hard to get the the doctor's?

Chelsea said...

Awe the snow was exciting. We got a bunch here, and Sam ended up getting to go in at 11am. Not a whole day off, but still way better than going in at 7:30am!

I'm sorry you're sick! Do you have Emercen-C's? They're fizzy vitamin packets that you pour into water or juice, and they're packed with vitamin C and other good stuff. They really help colds and such go away faster. That and Airborne.

T B said...

mini - Couldn't get to the doctors because they said the road conditions were red yesterday and this morning (only emergency vehicles were allowed on the road). I'm hoping the weather cooperates on Monday though. I just want to get this crap out of the way :)

Chelsea - I'm actually almost 100% now. Just a stupid head cold. All I heard the last 3 days was harping from Christopher to drink more water. I wanted to knock him over the head with a water bottle.

Keri said...

Why the heck are you in a hotel? Did you just PCS there? Apparently I missed something.
Ambien is the shit. I take it every night, and if I stay up when I take it, I have been known to Ambien-dial friends. At least they are on the west coast, so I'm not waking them up. lol. I almost peed myself reading the pencil-shavings part! LOL

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