Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Last Week of Freedom

So I officially have 6 days until Bean makes her arrival into this screwy world. I really envisioned this last week to be calm, quiet, and relaxing. I must have lost my head for a minute (this happens a lot of minutes of every day).

I have turned into a psychotic raging hormonal bitch. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Frankly, I've been surprising the hell out of myself with the capacity to overload the crazy meter. I've always had a short temper and been a little off kilter but the last couple of weeks have been over the top. I apologize to Christopher once a day during the 5 minutes of sanity I'm able to maintain but I know it doesn't make up for the rest of the time he has to deal with me. He's told me numerous times that I need Valium. Hey, if I could take some, I'd be popping them bitches like Skittles right now (Mmm Skittles...). Crazy is cool in my book, but whatever this type of crazy is, I can live without it.

The house is coming together. We are getting our bookcases for the dining room and a wardrobe for the bedroom delivered today so that will take care of the last of the boxes to put away. The moving company is also coming back today to pick up the mountain of boxes piled ceiling high in the living room so it will no longer look like a homeless person's paradise. But, we still won't have living room furniture until the second week of February if we're lucky. Thanks Army! Always on top of your game!

I'm happy though. Most of the house is looking great and I can't wait to bring our little girl home.

I still haven't washed any bottles, sterilized my pump, or made freezer meals though. There are moments when I panic about going into labor early and not having these things ready but laziness always wins. I'm going to start the freezer meals today though. Mostly because Christopher hasn't had home-cooked meals in a long time and I finally have a kitchen.

Being productive sucks.


Breanna said...

Yay how exciting!!! I cant wait to hear how everything goes!!! Try and relax before beh beh!

Keri said...

Everyone is probably telling you to get your sleep now, but odds are that you can't sleep now bc you're huge, uncomfortable and stressed. As long as your kid isn't crazy, she will probably sleep A LOT for the first two months. Bottle-washing and laundry can wait. Do what i didn't do...sleep when she does. It's not that bad and the hormones WILL level out. I promise. I was psycho too with my first pregnancy. I'm surprised I'm still married. Good luck!
Glamorous Army

mini said...

omg 6 days .. so exciting :) keep us posted!

Ps: I am a big lazy too lol ... luckily for me my little one was late.

madge said...

I am so grossly jealous of you and your 6 days. Very glad stuff is finally coming together for you all, though! I have made no freezer meals, either. I don't really plan on it, either. I have the luxury of having parents on-call and a block away to cook for us or bring us food. Even if we weren't near parents, though, I don't think I'd have a freezer full of anything.

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