Friday, May 20, 2011

Fabulous Friday

I've been a total slacker on my blog. I've been really busy with the little one as she seriously won't let me put her down for longer than a minute. But, I wanted to link up with Laura for Fabulous Friday!

My little girl.
Seriously, she's just too flippin cute. She's extremely attached to me and has taken up to crying when someone other than me holds her at night when she's tired. I can't lie. It makes me feel special. She loves me! She really loves me! hahaha
After like a 10 year hiatus, I've picked up my camera again for more than just quick daily snapshots. I still miss old school photography but I've been having fun on photoshop. Sometimes it makes me feel like an idiot and then I figure something out and I feel like a genius. I'm testing the waters with starting a photography business here. I just found out I'd have to get a German business license. Is it sad that that makes me rethink this whole thing? I'm lazy. My newborn of a photography website is here.
Etsy, you are the second most evil website in the universe. Right after Amazon. Evil, but still fabulous. What's even more fabulous is that me and K just ordered a ton of supplies to start our very own Etsy shop. Stay tuned for progress on that!
Would you believe that there is not a single Starbucks near me? Like seriously, not even within 30-45 minutes from me. Yeah, I get it. We're in Europe and they take their coffee seriously. But you know what? I love my Starbucks. I'm in Stuttgart right now and in just a little bit, I am going to go to Starbucks!!! I can't tell you how exciting this is. Mmmmmm YUMMY!
Clean dogs.
The dogs got baths the other day. FINALLY. Now, I don't feel dirty petting them. Yeah, it had been that long. I'm a bad mommy to my furry children! That is usually daddy's job so... yeah.
Isabella's Godmother.
She made me Korean food last night! We are visiting for almost a week and I can't tell you how nice it is to eat great food... without having to cook it! She's got a whole menu planned for us while we're here. And she's making my favorite cupcakes! She makes me want to rethink polygamy. You know, except she'd also have to get her own husband. I'm not a sharer. I just want cupcakes everyday.
Okay, time for me to get ready to enjoy some Starbucks. Go link up with Laura!


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