Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Beginning


We're sitting here watching V and your dad made me take my hand away from his eyes when I tried to prevent him from looking at boobs on TV. I hope you're sweeter than he is.

You're being an elusive little bean. One month in, and you have refused to make an appearance. I know I'm being impatient but we're ready to meet you. Your dad will tell you that I am not a very patient person. You'll find this out on your birthday, Christmas, or any other day I decide to buy you presents because I will be too excited to wait. Your dad will have to threaten me in order to keep me from telling you to open your presents early. I'm getting off track.

We're beginning our second month into this thing. I have to say, I was incredibly sad on Tuesday when my body let me know you hadn't arrived yet. But... I am LOVING being able to drink coffee this week.  Believe me, you'll be worth the pain I'll have to endure every morning as I pine for my Starbucks but for now, I'll happily poison my body with sweet caffeine. Mmmm...

Your dad wants me to say goodbye so I can go tweeze hairs off of his nose. You'll find out soon enough how entirely strange we are. Speaking of noses, let's just hope you get mine. If you get your father's nose, don't worry, I'll make him pay for the rhinoplasty.


Momma Bean


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