Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Big... Fat... POSITIVE!

Holy crap!!! It happened! I tested this morning at 10:00AM on the First Response Early Reponse pregnancy test and saw a faint line. I chucked it thinking I was just losing my mind but had a nagging feeling about it. I dug it back out of the trash and had the hubby read it and he saw it too! Of course, I couldn't wait until tomorrow and tested again at 6:00PM with a blue dye test and saw another faint line. Could I wait until tomorrow to test again? NO! I tested again at 8:40PM on a Clear Blue Easy Digital and... PREGNANT!!!

I can't believe it! I am over the moon! I am only 11-12 days post ovulation so I am a little nervous that something will happen between now and the day that my period would have shown up but still... EXCITED! Of course I'll be testing again tomorrow and seeing if I can get in to the doctor's to get a blood test confirmation but for now... I'm so excited I wish I could tell everyone! Hubby is making me keep quiet for a little while longer which is probably the smart thing to do. Ahhhhhhh!!


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