Tuesday, May 25, 2010

4 Weeks

So, I'm obsessed with BabyCenter. I'm on it all day at work (which I probably shouldn't announce) and I look through it when I'm home too. I also have 3 books at home on pregnancy and 2 books for the hubby to read. I am an insane planner. So, I know that this week, I should be feeling cramping as if I were going to start my period despite being pregnant but I still can't help but kind of freak out. I don't think I"ll feel better until I get past the first three months without any issues. I know it's early and miscarriage can happen within the first trimester so I am really trying to be positive and not freak out. I'm normally extremely pessimistic, although I prefer to call it realistic, and I don't even want to THINK about the possibility of something going wrong.

But, I'm still a little nervous. So far, I haven't had any of the classic pregnancy symptoms. I had a weird headache last night and the day before but that's about it. My breasts aren't tender yet, although the left one is but I think it's because of my usual cyst. This cramping is the only thing that I've had so far. They say that next week I should start to have more symptoms and I kind of can't wait because that means I'll actually physically feel like this is really happening! It just seems surreal right now.

We got the blood test confirmation yesterday and then scheduled our initial appointment with the OB/GYN for June 8. I'll be at 6 weeks then. I know we probably won't get to see the baby at that point but it would be nice. Especially since we don't know how we're going to do this pregnancy with moving around all over the place. It should definitely be interesting!


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