Sunday, June 13, 2010

The First Appointment

This post is a little late but we've been busy with getting ready for the move and frankly, I haven't had the energy to write anything. We had our first appointment on the 8th of June and it was pretty standard. I filled out a bunch of paperwork, answered a lot of questions, and had an incredible amount of blood drawn. I don't usually get squeamish but I almost had a panic attack while they were drawing blood.

It seems like I only have morning sickness on Wednesdays. I always start to wonder if I'm even pregnant anymore and then Wednesday hits and I have nausea and throw up a couple of times. Always on Wednesday. I guess the little bean doesn't appreciate Wednesdays very much.

Today is the beginning of my 7th week. I have been extremely tired lately. I feel like I don't have any energy and I want to nap constantly. It's been difficult because we've had so much to do so I've been irritable and to be honest, a little whiny. I am also more emotional than ever. I cried at the shoppette because I really wanted some juice and they didn't have any. That's just one of the ridiculous reasons I've cried about in the last few days. lol.

We have our first ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited to see this little bean and confirm that he's really in there!


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