Sunday, June 6, 2010


I'm 6 weeks today. I feel fat. I really need to go to the gym but I'm just really paranoid. I've been reading too many posts about miscarriage on BabyCenter and I keep comparing the dates they had their miscarriages with where I'm at in my pregnancy. If I'm only 6 weeks, and they had miscarriages at 7 or 8, how am I supposed to be comfortable thinking that it's not going to happen to me?!

I have been a little stressed out the last couple of days. Actually, that's kind of an understatement. I have been majorly stressed out the last couple of days and I'm hoping that it doesn't affect Bean. The movers came on Friday and packed up our household goods. Transportation forgot to make the appointment for the movers to come and get unaccompanied baggage so that caused a little freak out on my part. It all got settled and the movers for household goods just packed everything up to send by boat. I guess it's a good thing we won't be in Germany for another 6 months. Saturday, we cleaned the rest of the garbage out of the apartment and dropped the dogs off at the kennel. I was tired to begin with before the move so you can only imagine what the last two days have been like.

I had a fight with Poppa Bean last night. I know some of it is hormones, because I was crying like a lunatic when normally I would have just yelled my piece and shut him out (healthy, I know). I did write a wh0le paragraph about how much of a dumbass he was but I think for his sake and Bean's in the future, I'll do away with it.

So, after the last two days I've had, I can only be paranoid about how Bean is doing.


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