Monday, October 18, 2010

Pregnant Forever

I seriously feel like I've been pregnant forever. 25 weeks and 2 days in. Everyone else seems to think that the pregnancy is going by quickly but it feels like an eternity. Maybe it's because my back always hurts, my pregnancy acne is horrible, I feel extremely large, and pregnancy in general just kind of sucks. I wish I could be like some women who really enjoy pregnancy but it's just not in me. I can't wait to meet this little baby but I could do without the months and months of torture getting there.

I've got Poppa Bean paranoid that Bean has his nose. The last ultrasound picture we got, I don't know if it's the angle or what, but it definitely looks like Bean has his nose. Yikes. Poor girl. His mom and sister also have pretty prominent noses and I have to say, I'm not really that down with it. I'm really hoping that she takes my little nose. Poppa Bean is already aware that should Bean want rhinoplasty in the future, he owes it to her. It's cute how sad he's getting though. I should probably stop giving him such a hard time about it. lol.

We have bought quite a few things for Bean. We pretty much have all of the furniture we need and we have the bedding set and it's going to be shipped to Germany in the next week or two. We've also started her wardrobe with quite a few cute outfits. We're just waiting on the carseat and stroller to get here (which should be sometime this week) and we'll probably buy clothes up until we leave here. I don't expect to find too much at the PX in the shitty base we're moving to in Germany. Have I mentioned how not excited I am to be moving there?

I'm nervous about meeting doctor #4. I'll be a week or two late doing my 28 week labs and who knows how much pushback I'm going to get on my cesarean. Not to mention, trusting military doctors to do a good job on my cesarean. I'm terrified that they'll screw the operation up somehow and leave me completely scarred. It's starting to make me resent PB for having to move to a shitty location for my birth. I'd much rather stay with my favorite doctor and head to Germany after the birth but PB only gets a month with Bean before he leaves so... I guess it's not really an option.


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