Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For serious?

So, here are pictures from the 27 week ultrasound taken on Saturday. Be proud, it didn't take me 2 months to post them!

Okay, now take a minute to digest these pictures. It is a 27 week old baby... in a blurry orange 3D ultrasound. Tell me why my MIL thinks the baby looks EXACTLY like Poppa Bean? I understand being proud that your child is procreating but seriously... it's an unborn baby. She doesn't look like anyone at this point. Not according to MIL. The baby is a spitting image of Poppa Bean. Also, the baby has her nose. Uh... okay. And the baby MIGHT have my eyes. And I'm thinking... is this a joke? Because I can't see the baby's eyes at all. Unless... that's the point because I'm half Asian. ha ha!

I don't know why this bothers me so much. I don't really know why SHE bothers me so much. She's just too overexcited. I wish I could slip her a valium or something. Actually, I wish I could have a valium.

Anyway, to be spiteful, I have been crossing my fingers that our daughter is the spitting image of me. Actually, I don't know why it matters. MIL will claim the kid looks just like PB anyway. Have I mentioned how happy I am that we are going to be living on another continent for the next three years?


------- EDIT ---------

In all that craziness, I forgot to say... HOW CUTE IS MY DAUGHTER?! lol.


Madge said...

I am sooo jealous! We'll have to go somewhere and pay extra for a 3D ultrasound, because even though by OB apparently "has the technology", they won't grace my uterus with it. My mom and MIL do the same thing. It's a grandma thing, I think. She is very cute, though, those are great pics!

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