Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ninja Baby

So, I've decided that Bean is a ninja. I mean, she has to be. I feel her practicing her ninja moves all day long. Can I just say that the best part of this whole pregnancy thing is feeling and seeing your baby move around? I honestly can't think of anything better than that. Her movements are getting so strong now! I can feel and see her dragging her feet/knees/hands (I can't tell the difference) all over the place. My tummy jerks around when she's having her ninja sessions and most of the time when I'm at home (which is pretty much always), I sit around with my belly exposed. I don't want to miss seeing anything!

So, I kind of had a freak out moment last week. Tears, panic, the whole 9. I've been losing a lot of hair over the past couple of months and I mentioned it to my OB here (the one I'm not fond of) and she brushed it off as hormones. So I mention it on babycenter and someone suggests getting my thyroid levels checked. Of course, me being the hypochondriac that I am, immediately google thyroid issues during pregnancy and see all sorts of unsettling stuff about how hypothyroidism can affect the baby's brain. I'd like to take this moment to tell you that Poppa Bean has previously banned me from going to WebMD so I probably should not have googled this at all. SO, instant freak out. Call my OB... and guess what?! She's going out of town for 3 weeks and the office is closing in an hour. REALLY?! Was this something they were going to make me aware of??? Also, they were supposed to give me my medical records before we leave this Friday. How did they plan on doing that when their offices were closing for three weeks? I was furious! I ended up getting my medical records and got in to see a regular physician on Monday. She said I was probably being paranoid and that it was just hormones but while I was there, I could just do a bunch of blood work. I like her. lol. I can call in a week and get results. After that freak out, I talked to a few other moms and they said their hair fell out a lot during pregnancy too. SO, I guess the long luxurious hair during pregnancy is just not meant to be for me.

So what did I do? Chopped all my hair off. Why am I so impulsive? I'll never learn. I mean it makes things a lot more interesting but sometimes I just have to shake my head. My whole reasoning was, if it's all gonna fall out anyway, I might as well meet it halfway! I forgot that I don't exactly look awesome with shorter hair. She probably cut off about 6 or 7 inches. It's about an inch or two below my shoulders now. Let's just hope it grows out fast.


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