Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Annoying Things

I've been in a particularly bitchy mood so here are a few things that are irritating me now.

1. I hate walking the dogs. I love them but they are horrible walkers. They pull me, they wrap themselves around poles, trees, my legs, and get spastic. I make PB do it more and more now that I'm bigger but I totally want to throw a hissy fit every time I have to do it. And this morning Vega just walked around sniffing at everything forever and ever and refused to do anything. Stupid poo face dog!!!

2. I hate pooping. Honestly, I think my pooper organs are screwed up. I've never been a healthy once a day pooper. I usually went once a week, maybe twice. And you know what? I was cool with that. Now that I'm pregnant, I am TERRIFIED to poop. And friends, I'll tell you why. So one day the urge to poop hits me and I'm thinking YAY, I finally have to go poop! I settle on the can and I'm completely oblivious to the horrendous events that are about to take place. So, there it goes.... and then it doesn't. I had a rock hard turd lodged halfway out of my bunghole refusing to come out. I mean it literally stayed there for FIVE MINUTES. I know you're not supposed to strain but... come on!!! I started to panic and have a complete emotional breakdown on the toilet. I had mental images of PB having to carry me with my pants around my ankles to the emergency room so they could extract this turd out of my butt. Finally, it came out and I called it quits and since then I have been absolutely terrified any time I get the urge to poop. True story. Pregnancy sucks.

3. Not having our car yet SUCKS. This place is nothing but hills. It's cold. I have asthma. None of this makes for any fun walking all around base. I've basically given up going to the gym since I've been here because I don't want to deal with the walk TO the gym. Stupid logic? Yeah... so what?

4. The thing I probably hate most is depending on other people for things. I'm extremely independent and honestly, I'm kind of anti-social. So, when PB wants me to call so and so's wife to see if she'll drive me around to look for houses, I want to lay on the ground and throw a temper tantrum and scream "Nooooooo! Why can't we just do it togetherrrrrrrrrrrrrr?" Yeah, real mature I know. I just hate asking for help. And I mean seriously, what if she's busy? I hate feeling like an inconvenience. And then I'll actually have to pretend to be a nice person and talk to her. Because.... she's actually pretty nice. Nice people make me uncomfortable. I feel like an even bigger asshole when I'm around them.

5. I hate my skin. I want to rip off my face and start all over again. At this point, it's mostly dark red scars covering my face with a few friendly pimples to keep them company. I don't know how to get rid of them. I've been rubbing Bio Oil on my face the last three nights but I kind of feel like that's counterproductive. Putting oil on my face when I'm complaining about pimples? I don't know. At this point, I'll try anything. Suggestions?

I'm going to have to follow this with a post tomorrow about shit that makes me happy because I feel like I've been a Negative Nancy. Expect a post about food. lol.


Miranda LaRaut-Hartrampf said...

Most definitely check out the Tea Tree face mask its a godsend! And i don't think rubbing oil on your face is that good of an idea... sounds to me like a pore clogger!

I don't blame you, i don't want to WALK to the gym just to WORKOUT at the gym for an hour... or less after walking there...

You may as well just walk there and back!

Keri said...

Um, I think we are soul-mates. LOL. You not only wrote about taking a crap but the comment about "nice people make me uncomfortable" was so right. I put you on my blogroll and I will be reading.

mommysankey said...

I think you hit most of the annoying things...I hate walking my dogs. I have three little ones but they take for ever to shit. Meanwhile, I have to push around a double stroller and try to entertain my two toddlers. It sucks rain or shine and in Sunny So. Florida it rains. Alot!

My hubby has my car- no car- no way out of the house and somedays I need to take the kids out. Cabin Fever has set in. We are all cranky by the time the hubby gets home. And when he gets home he wants to stay home & relax since he has been working all day- talk about a mommy temper-tantrum (no wonder my daughter has them).

Looking forward to your happy post... see not much makes this cranky mama happy...maybe I will get some insperation.

Amy said...

I can so relate! I know I probably should keep this to myself but you were cracking me up -- I'm sorry for finding humor in your misery mainly because I can so relate. Not that you want to here my unsolicited advice but here it goes anyway...This shit) shall pass! Best wishes. Amy
following you from bloggy mom's. http://mommetime.com/

T B said...

Thanks for the follows! I'm following you guys as well :)

Amy - No need to apologize for finding humor in my misery. lol. If I couldn't find the humor in the madness, I'd really be in trouble!

jade said...

amen for pet peeve posts! this is awesome :)

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