Sunday, December 12, 2010

Get In Mah Bellayyyy!

I hardly ever post belly pictures but the mood struck me tonight.

Christopher told me to smile. So, I did.

This is how I break it down in the club yo.

My attempt at a "serious" photo. I look constipated. But I'm not. I pooped an hour before this =)

This bitch means business. You like my white socks? Style, I has it.

My version of sexy.

This is usually the WTF face that Christopher gets when he has the camera. He fucking sucks at taking pictures.

Me, my psycho smile, and my little bitch man Philly.
Obviously the mood wasn't a very normal one.


Jamie said...

Oh I'm so jealous of you're pregnant tummy haha! So cool. I can't wait to be a mom someday, and just walking around with the tummy is one of the reasons haha. So weird to think that a person is actually inside there.

Also love your dogs. I have one that looks just like Philly.

cute blog, following you:)

Chelsea said...

I'm really jealous that you have no stretch marks... And you're not glow-in-the-dark pale like me! You look great!! Btw, I LOVE your pj's (top, bottoms, and tank, all of them!!)... Where did you get them?

Show Me Mama said...

You look absolutely adorable. I love, love the belly pictures. I had some made and I love them so much. Your glowing and you look so happy. I am your new follower from bloggy moms. come visit me at and Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics.

mini said...

LOL!! Lookin cute :) Like pic #2 and the one with the dogs haha.

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