Friday, January 21, 2011

Last Weekend!

So this is our last weekend to do whatever we want without a baby! Well, almost whatever we want.

Christopher the genius decided to accept a dinner invitation for Saturday night at his boss' house and then volunteered us to bring deviled eggs because he loves deviled eggs. I mean really??? Our last Saturday of freedom and you sign us up for a work related dinner? And I have to make something on top of all the freezer meals I've been making? I think this is just his way of getting deviled eggs. Genius, I tell ya.

So, we've had to shuffle our plans and despite the fact that he's still got a bookshelf to finish and a wardrobe to build, we are going to go see The Green Hornet tonight. We are also planning on getting breakfast tomorrow morning (found a place on base that serves American style breakfast! Yay!), finishing up some last minute grocery shopping, making his dumb deviled eggs, and going to this dinner. I can't begin to tell you how unexcited I am. I can just see it now... I'm going to get stuck talking to the wives and answering all sorts of questions about the baby and blahhhhhh. I just want to stay home and read. I can't be antisocial forever, I know. It's bad for his career. But seriously?! I'm having a baby on Monday!

I go in on Sunday to meet with the anesthesiologist and find out what time to come in on Monday morning. The rest of the day will be spent cleaning the house like a mad woman and supervising Christopher while he bathes the dogs. I still hate them by the way. And their damn bark collars aren't here yet!

Every day that passes, Christopher and I look at each other and we're like, "Holy crap... X more days." It is absolutely unbelievable. It just doesn't feel real to me yet. I don't feel mature enough to be someone's mom. I keep looking at the bassinet in the bedroom and I can't believe that in a few days, a baby will be laying in it.

I am terrified.


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Keri said...

It's scary to look at my kids and wonder how I got them to adolescence without dropping them on their heads too. (Much)
I think you will be an awesome mom. Good luck on Monday. Word of advice: Take the damn epidural. It's a cakewalk once you've got that.

Dot said...

Hey! So I noticed you're a follower of my blog... can I just say, I LOVE your blog! You are such a doll! Okay, so I was due the 28th and had my baby on the 11th. I'm so excited for you to go in on monday. It's such an awesome experience!!!!! Good luck!
oh, and did i mention you are a doll? haha!

mini said...

Good luck on Monday! Can't wait to see the little one. And remember to put on the belly band when it's all over :)

Breanna said...

Good Luck!!! Can't wait to hear about everything and see your beautiful baby!!!

**I have a blog award for you on my blog!

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