Thursday, April 28, 2011

3 Month Growth Spurt

Isabella turned 3 months on Sunday. I had a great Easter dress picked out and set out to do a photoshoot of her first Easter / 3 month pictures. Yeah, didn't happen. The 3 month growth spurt has hit us hard. And really, this kid does NOT need to grow any more. There was a 6 month old at the BBQ we went to on Sunday and Isabella was bigger than she was. It makes me sad.

She has had at least one meltdown a day since Sunday. She sleeps non-stop. I swear she's only awake a few hours a day and those few hours she is grumpy. She's only happy first thing in the morning and then it's downhill from there. I think at this point, without the Moby, I'd be dead. Or my arms would be. She does not want to be put down. Diaper changes that used to be fun are done quickly to minimize the pouty lip and tears. Car trips? Let's just say I don't plan on leaving the house tomorrow.

But you know what? It's all okay. I even think her little face when she's crying during her meltdowns is cute. She cuddles up on my chest all day and rubs her face on me and sleeps peacefully and I smell her hair and all is good in the world. She lays in bed at bedtime and will not close her eyes until I lay with her. As soon as I lay down with her, she closes her eyes. Melts. My. Heart.

I love every second that she wants to be attached to me. It isn't going to last forever. I'm sure in 13 years I'll be "ruining her life" and she'll be locking herself in her room.

For now, we are each other's everything and nothing could possibly make me happier.


Cara S. said...

enjoy every moment...even those hard seasons babies go through! It goes so fast, happy 3 months! New follower here just wanted to say hi.

Dot said...

okay this is THE sweetest post ever! you are so dang cute Tina. i've been getting up twice at night... Graham is going through something also. i was actually thinking about you the other night while i was up, wondering if Isabella is still sleeping good. i've had to let him cry a little and it totally helps. right now i'm dealing with a breast infection.. BLAH

Alison@Mama Wants This said...

She's a sweetie pie! I just popped in from Bloggy Moms. Just had to follow as I want to see your little Bean grow up! I miss babies. MISS. My little man is 16 months today. *blubber*

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