Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guess who rolled over?

This little girl!

It was completely unexpected because she hates tummy time and she never tolerates it for more than 1 minute. Seriously, 1 minute. I was just showing my parents on Skype how good she held herself up and the little booger rolled over! I couldn't believe it so I put her on her tummy again and she rolled over again! This morning I put her on her tummy and the little booger immediately rolled over... again... and again... and again. So, we can kiss tummy time goodbye. She hates it and now she knows how to get out of it. lol. I can't wait to send the video to Christopher so he can see his little girl doing big girl things!

And seriously... how freakin cute is she???


Tara said...

awww yay!
that picture is so adorable!
ps lovin your headin & cuteness!

Laura said...

It was a rolling weekend, I guess! Yay, Isabella!

Miranda Hartrampf said...

yay! When Chloe started to roll over i was FREAKING OUT calling all the grandmas getting everyone on skype! Lol it was like she had just stood up and back flipped!

Son't worry she will learn to like tummy time... chloe hated it at first and now shes always rolling on her tummy.

Yummommylicious said...

Yay! Good job baby! I'm your new follower, if you could follow me back that would be great. and

Keri said...

Of course she hates tummy time! Who wants their face mashed in to the floor and a neck cramp? That girl has things to see!!!!!

-The Glamorous Army Wife

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