Friday, April 8, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

Linking up with Laura from Between the Lines for Fabulous Friday! And yes, it IS a fabulous Friday!

I'm in a great mood today. I woke up happy, the sun is shining, and K and her daughters are coming over tonight for spaghetti and meat balls! So, on to things that are fabulous for me this week!


It's no secret that I'm addicted to Amazon. My bank account hates me for it. There are so many reasons to love it though! You can find ANYTHING you want, the prices are awesome, and since I order an insane amount from them, I have Amazon Prime forever! Although I can't really take advantage of the 2 day shipping, I do still get free shipping and I can't complain about that! Plus, they ship out so quickly after you order. Christopher already got the foam mattress pad I ordered him and it only took a week to get to Afghanistan! So yes, Amazon is FABULOUS!


K took me to MOPS this week and while Church isn't really my thing, I could just hug everyone that was there because this literally saved my sanity this week. I had a meltdown on Monday from being so lonely and it was seriously a breath of fresh air to be around a bunch of nice women and their kids. I'll be going every week until they break for summer.


I love Instagram. Seriously. I love looking at other people's pictures, I love taking pictures, and this is so convenient! I take pictures on the iphone all day long of Bean because I can send it to Christopher's email so easily. This is just another fun way to mix up pictures. LOVE it! If you have instagram, leave me a comment with your screen name so I can follow you! Mine is ctbeckett10.


My Keurig. I love you. I don't think any other words are necessary.


Skype if probably the most fabulous thing on this list. We got to see Christopher's face this week and he was able to see his little growing lady.

There are so many other fabulous things but I have to straighten up before I head on base to do our taxes! Hop on over to Laura's blog and link up! 


Laura said...

Yay, thanks for linking up! And where have I been? Cute layout!

Amazon = love. And I'n glad you found some "peace" at church and will keep going. :) That made me smile...but I'm churchy like that. ;)

Meg said...

Happy Fab Friday!

That is great that you were able to save some of your sanity, I am sure it is hard being a mama! Kudos to you for finding a way to save your sanity, lol.

Also, Skype is rocking--I love it!

Keri said...

So glad you got to see Christopher! It really makes it easier being able to see each other. I dont know how I ever made it through the first deployment without it.
The Glamorous Army Wife

Kelsey said...

i love amazon! i love instagram! and i love that you're in a good mood today! have a good weekend with your baby bean <3
ps- do you ever use hipstamatic? i'm kinda obsessed with that right now

T B said...

Kelsey - I looked into Hipstamatic but I'm cheap :) I don't want to spend the $2! hahaha

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