Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm here.

I've been bad about blogging lately. Monday was a pretty awful day and I had a pity party for myself while Bean napped. I cried my heart out missing Christopher, feeling completely alone, and needing a mental break.

Things are definitely starting to get better though. I usually do not hang out with other Army wives but it was like a godsend when an Army wife from the next village over called me on Tuesday. I'll call her K. She invited me over to hang out with her and her 3 year old daughter and it was SO needed. She invited me to go to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) with her the following morning which is run by the church. Honestly, I'm agnostic and organized religion really isn't my thing but it was an opportunity to get out of the house and be around other adults for a few hours.

It was actually pretty nice. I will probably continue to go every Wednesday to be around other people and they do things once a month for the kids. I grew up basically living in church every Sunday so I don't mind the religious discussion. They're bringing in a German lady in a couple of weeks to do songs and dance with the kids and I think it'll be good for Bean to be around it. Then, a dinosaur park the following week.

K and I are planning on either going to the zoo next week or up to Trier. We're planning on doing day trips once a week and other small outings and I'm excited. I can't have another day like Monday. It was just too depressing.

And now, on this beautiful Thursday, I am going grocery shopping with the little lady.


Miranda Hartrampf said...

Adult human connection is always a god send if you are a SAHM... trust me i understand! I love the new layout its adorable!

I hope lil missies doing fabulously!

Dot said...

LOVING the new blog! my good friend forces me to get out too.. it always puts me in a better mood!
if i lived there, i would come give you a big hug!!!

T B said...

Miranda - She's doing great! Growing like a weed. I hope Chloe's feeling better!

Lindsie - If you lived here, I probably wouldn't be bored! And we could make Graham and Isabella be little baby boyfriend and girlfriend. lol

Dot said...

For sure!! haha!

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