Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guten Tag!

So, we all made it to Germany in one piece. There were absolutely no issues getting the dogs into the country and we got bulkhead seats. Success!

I'm trying to be positive so I'm not going to go into detail on what I really think about this base. I think it can be pretty much summed up by: Yikes! I'm hoping that it gets better... or that the baby distracts me so completely that these next three years speed by. Who knows, maybe I'll end up actually loving it here? See, being positive.

So, went to lunch with PB and his coworkers. Got put on the spot by someone who asked me if I wanted to attend a monthly spouses' coffee that is apparently happening tonight. I saw PB smiling out of the corner of my eye as I squirmed through not directly answering the question and still pretending to be interested. I asked two friends and they said it would be best if I went. Can I just say that I absolutely HATE the politics of being a military wife? I don't know what it is about men that think that women just love to get together all the time. Well... I guess most of them do. I don't. I hate them assuming that I do. I can't stand the idea of sitting around with a bunch of women simply because our husbands work together. Seriously, it's like forced friendships. No one likes to be told who to hang out with.

I've grown up with men as best friends. I've known them since I was 14 and PB gets along fantastically with all three of them because they're like brothers. They require no WORK. I have very few female friends because very few women I meet don't need coddling. The few that I have, are amazing! I have a really awful sense of humor. Awful meaning I find most offensive things extremely funny. My mind is constantly in the gutter, I curse like a sailor, and I don't like to sugarcoat much. So what happens when I'm forced into these situations unexpectedly? I just don't talk much. I figure, the less I talk, the less offensive I can be. Right? But, I grew up in a military environment because of my dad and I married into it so I can fake social niceties with the best of them, I just hate hate hate doing it.

I know if I don't go to this thing, it won't be good. It's PB's first day meeting his coworkers and it's also his first day in his new unit as an officer. I don't want to make him look like an asshole. FML.

Seriously, if I go to this thing, I won't even be able to drink coffee. Undoubtedly there will be someone there who is a preggo police and will be horrified that I'm drinking coffee while preggo. Like caffeine is the equivalent to fucking plutonium. Seriously... I've never wanted to suffer diarrhea more than I do right now. At least I'd have a valid fucking excuse as to why I couldn't make it. I am going to use this baby to get out of so much spouse crap it's not even funny. Does that make me a bad mommy? lol


Luvin My Lil Monkeys said...

Omg you're Hilarious, I know how the "Forced Friendship" goes.. It almost NEVER ends well.
I would've gone to the Coffee get together to kind of get a feel for who is fake and who could actually become a friend.. I hope you went! if not, I'm sure there will be PLENTY of other opportunities... lol! Hope you're pregnancy is going well....

madge said...

Blargh, that sounds awful. I'm the same way. I get along with men/brazen women waaay better than girly ones. I always feel like I have to put on a show of girly properness, and it always feels super fake. Hope the coffee thing went well if you did decide to go. Also glad you're on blogspot so I can follow!

T B said...

I actually got out of it! LOL! The hubby came home late and we didn't have a cell phone yet. See, how could we find out where to be picked up if we couldn't contact anyone? :)

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