Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Stuff I Love

I've seen a few posts like this so I figured, why not? Here are a few things I love.

Medela Nipple Shields
These things saved me and the Bean. She decided to go on a nursing strike a couple of days after we got home from the hospital and these babies allowed us to continue breastfeeding until I got her back to the nipple a week later. Now, with suspicion that a very strong let down is causing her gas pains at night, the nipple shield has made a come back for the first 2-3 minutes of each feeding. We'll see if it helps! Either way, LOVE the nipple shield for allowing me to breastfeed during the latch debacle and not feel like a shitbag because my baby screamed everytime I tried to get her to latch.

Fisher Price Zen Infant Seat
Really, the only time that the Bean sits in this thing is when she's already sleeping. It helps her to stay asleep while I either shower or drop a deuce. But hey, that alone makes this thing amazing. Without it, I'd be more constipated than I already am.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced
It's fast, easy, and portable. It saved me when my milk came in and I was so engorged I put Pamela Anderson in her Baywatch glory days to shame. It's allowed me to build up quite a nice freezer stash and Christopher now gets to share in the fun of feeding the Bean. Definitely a great investment.

Moby Wrap
I. Love. My. Moby. Wrap. Seriously. The first two days I had it, I cursed at it, threw it down in defeat, and said it was the stupidest thing I had ever bought. Really, I was just stupid and couldn't figure out a damn piece of fabric. When I finally got enough practice, this thing was a lifesaver. Especially since the Bean has decided that being held is the only thing she wants to do. So, thank you Moby Wrap for giving me the use of my hands back and for keeping my baby happy.

CoCaLo Jacana Soft & Cozy Blanket
The Bean is too young to have a favorite blanky but this is my favorite blanky for her. It goes everywhere with us and I mean everywhere. It is so freakin soft and warm and she seems super comfy with it.

Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Inserts
Cloth diapering made easy. Seriously. Just lay these things into Thirsties covers and you are DONE. They're super soft and they're really absorbent and Bean's butt is extremely happy with them. I was intimidated by cloth diapering but these inserts have made it so easy and convenient and I'm extremely happy I made the switch! 

Puppy Pads
You might think this is a strange item to have on a baby list but these things are awesome. I lay them on the changing pad covers. Bean likes to have a little fun during diaper changes and these babies have saved me from having to constantly wash changing pad covers. They're also great for laying down under your baby when you let them air out their little booties.

Recordable Storybooks
I have the book above and have ordered two more. Christopher is going to record himself reading these three books to the Bean so she can have her daddy read her stories at bedtime while he's deployed. We'll be working on some more but for now, these three storybooks will probably be a big time favorite of ours for the next year. These are great for kids who have a parent who either travels a lot or is in the military and deploys.

I wish I could list more things that the Bean loves but really, the only thing she's really digging right now is being in the Moby Wrap. Everything else just kind of sucks in her opinion.


Jess said...

yay, you did one of these too!
Seriously, without the nipple shields I never even could have gotten Elliot to latch for the few weeks that he managed to latch. Those things are amazing. :)
Hurray for cloth diapering- I've never tried those inserts. Maybe I should? Oh boy, as if I don't already have enough diapers to "try" on my list...

Jess said...

PS- I just followed your blog and stole your button for mine :)

TheChickenista said...

.•..¸.•*¨Hopping in From Friday Blog Hops!  Im your newest follower¨¸.•..¸.•*¨  I hope you can hop over and visit soon!¸.•..¸.•*¨Reviews &Giveaways by TheChickenista
¸.•..¸.•*¨Off to the next great blog!¸.•..¸.•*¨

Happy Friday!
Peace, Love and Much Respect! (✿◠‿◠)


Erin said...

Hey there! I just saw your comment on my blog and wanted to say thanks for reading. I've been reading your blog quietly for a little while and think you are absolutely hilarious so I added your button to my blog. Maybe one day I will figure how to make a damn button...I'm slow :) Anyways, I love reading your blog and you are doing an amazing job at the mothering thing! Hope all is well in your world!

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