Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time. I gots none.

Deployment is quickly approaching. I knew it was coming but it just didn't seem real until now.

My parents are flying in a week before he leaves so that I don't have to drive to the airport with Isabella by myself. That would be an absolute nightmare. They'll be in charge of Operation Psycho Watch after he deploys. I don't think I'll turn into a total nut job but I'm not on any anti-depressants, I'm still only 3 weeks postpartum, and this is our first deployment so it's better safe than sorry.

Having my parents here during his last week is obviously not an ideal situation. Our already limited family time and his limited daddy-daughter time is going to be somewhat divided between two first time grandparents. For my sanity however, it's necessary. I'm not worried about my dad. He's my best friend, he's extremely laid back, and he is prior military so he knows the deal and he knows what we're facing. My psychotic Korean mother on the other hand... I already want to murder. I've asked my dad to leave her at home but I don't think it's going to happen. I am positive that she will ruin Christopher's last week with us. I want to tear my hair out when I'm Skyping with my dad and she butts into our conversations. I get that she wants to give "advice" but you'd have to know my mother to know that any advice she has, you don't fucking want it. She's Korean, she's superstitious, she grew up in the boonies (no, seriously), logic and common sense mean absolutely nothing to her, medical advancements and technology also don't mean dick to her, and unless she heard it on the Korean news or from another Korean, it just isn't true.

Want an example of the ridiculousness I have to deal with?
- Upon seeing Isabella in her Fisher Price swing, "It's too fast! That's not good for the baby! Ask the doctor!"
- My cat died of pneumonia brought on by the Feline Leukemia Virus in 2007. In 2008, I developed asthma (I've always had allergies). My mom's conclusion? I got asthma from my cat. Seriously...
- Shooting Isabella's newborn photos, we cranked up the heat in the entire house because we knew she was going to be naked. Seeing this on Skype (even though we're in tank tops and shorts) my mom starts in on me about how the baby is cold and we need to put clothes on her. She says this at least 5 times within a 15 minute span.

I get that it's a different culture. I've been dealing with this shit my entire life. I just don't want to deal with this shit during my last week with Christopher... or the couple of weeks that they'll be here after he leaves. Seriously... one of us is going to end up dead.

So, even though we know that this bullshit is going to be rough.... Christopher decides that he wants his mom here before he deploys too. So guess what? His mom is flying in a week before he deploys too... and coming in a couple of days before my parents.

Fucking... KILL ME.

I love his mom. I really do. She's really nice. She's SUPER excited. And there's the problem. I have to be this super nice person when she's around. Translation - I cannot in any way shape or form, act like myself. So, trying to balance my hormonal bouts of anger and frustration, the fact that Christopher is deploying, and knowing my mom is coming to test the limits of my sanity, the last thing I want to do is worry about pretending to be a nice person... and having one more person in my house during the last week I have with my husband.

I am not ready for her to come in and swoop in on my child. I am feeling very protective of Isabella and Christopher and our time together as it is and now I have to deal with this woman who is so excited about this baby she could be shitting rainbows and butterflies. She already Skypes us like EVERY day.

I mean EVERY day. WTF.

Jesus, now I want a fucking valium.


hippie_mom said...

I feel for you. I can't relate to the deployment, but my husband travels with work add in an "overly-supportive" mom...anyways, new follower from Bloggy moms

Laura said...

Ohhhhhhh, parents... :\

Keri said...

Been there...same shit happened when Andy deployed the first time. It IS going to suck. All I can say is go to drop him off alone. They never leave on time, and you can't sit there with the baby for hours. Let the parents stay with Isabella when the time comes, and you go ALONE with Christopher. Trust are stronger than you think. If you really think you might break down, which you won't because you won't want to upset Christopher more than he already is (we are some tough bitches) then take your dad to the airport with you and leave your mom with the baby.

T B said...

His unit is awesome, I have to drop him off at a base that's 30 minutes away from us even though they are then being transported by bus to the base that's only 10 minutes away from us... and then we can't see him at all while he sits there waiting for his flight... FOR 3 DAYS! Makes perfect sense! He wants me to bring the baby so he can spend as much time as he can with her before he gets on the bus. I would much rather take my dad with me but I think he wants his mom there. Hopefully she won't want to talk my damn ear off because when I get upset, I don't like to talk. AT ALL. I'm just going to have to throw in the towel on this one and go with what he wants because he's the one who has to leave =\

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