Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I heart technology.

I don't know what I would do if I lived in another time period. I guess I wouldn't know what I was missing but that's not the point. I'm addicted to technology. I love getting new laptops, computers, programs, phones, applications, software, you name it. I pretty much live on my laptop (which would explain why I burn through them so quickly). I just made the switch to a MacBook Pro and while I like it, I'm still confused by it. I'll figure it out eventually!

My love for technology was reaffirmed today when I got a surprise Skype video call from Christopher. He was finally able to get on a computer with a webcam at the MWR tent. He's still trying to figure out the WIFI situation in his room. I was like a little kid and probably scared Bean with my shrieking when I saw his call pop up. He was able to see Bean (who conveniently decided to stare at the wall - her favorite thing to do - and then fall asleep) and my unshowered, makeup free, sweatpants clad self. It was so nice seeing his face after 3 very long weeks! We giggled, we made faces at each other, and somehow got into a laughing fit about both of us wearing cloth diapers (don't ask). We spent a good 5 minutes laughing so hard we couldn't even talk to each other.

I send him pictures of Bean every day from my iPhone, I take pictures and record videos of her on the camera and put them on a thumb drive to send in his care packages, and email him daily recaps. He makes sure to email me every day and he makes an effort to call me every other day even though he's dead tired after 16 hour work days and has to go to the MWR tent to do so.

All of this makes the deployment a little easier to deal with. I have no idea how people handled separation like this before the internet. I can't even imagine how much harder it must have been.


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