Thursday, March 24, 2011

@#)(*@#$ Laptop!

My HP laptop keeps crashing. It seems like it's because it's overheating and just shuts off. It shuts off almost immediately after I press the power button to turn it on again after the initial shut down. So, I bought a cooling station to put under it... no go.

This is my second laptop in 2 years. I am a heavy user. The first was a Toshiba and that was like $800 bucks. That went kaput. I think it was the video card, I don't know. Instead of even dealing with fixing it, I spent $900 on this POS. And now this...

So, is it worth it to get another PC laptop or should I spend more and get a MacBook? Anyone have any experience with this? Christopher is hesitant to drop the dough on a MacBook but if I keep going through laptops at the rate I'm going, I'll end up spending more getting a damn PC laptop every year! Are Mac's really that great? Anyone?!?! I need a freakin laptop... like tomorrow!


Dot said...

i LOVE my macbook!!! seriously, my husband got it for me and i was thinking what a waste of money... but, i don't know what i did without it!

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